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About HushCush


Nursing Pillow

HushCush offers a versatile Multi-Award winning nursing pillow that slides onto forearm giving amazing support and security for mother and baby. Call today


The HushCush pilliow stays securely in place and doesn’t shift or slides like other crescent nursing pillows. It helps properly position baby tummy-to-tummy with you at good height that saves you from painful slouching. Baby’s head, neck and spine remain in alignment for better latching on. Ergonomically designed to aid baby’s digestion. 

HushCush can be used during pregnancy to support your back when seated.

Place between the knees while resting or sleeping, or use as wedge to rest under your tummy when lying on your side. When baby comes, it becomes an indispensable aid for both breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Cushioned sleeve helps support baby and take the perspiration and strain off your arm.

HushCush is small, ideal as portable travel pillow from baby through to a toddler.

The HushCush comes with a removable strap for easy transport and retains mother’s familiar scent and helps with transitioning baby to restful sleep. 


My Story


Breastfeeding is one of the most important gifts in health that you can give to yourself and your baby! However, without the right support, challenges with ideal positioning, latch and discomfort are some of the main reasons why women give up breastfeeding long before what’s healthiest for the baby! 


I am a mum to 3 children with plenty of breastfeeding experience. Upon the birth of my youngest son in 2013 I was really struggling with breastfeeding, my son also had a bad reflux.

I had difficulties getting my son to latch onto my breast properly resulting in sore nipples and my back was very painful from poor posture and having to lean over my baby every time I had to feed him. My son loved to be held and cuddled so I was getting dead arm from having to hold him for a long period of time. 

I have tried and used various nursing pillows, but they didn’t work and somehow made things more difficult.

Breastfeeding became so unpleasant, that I very nearly gave up. I spoke to my friends who were also breastfeeding about the issues that we all shared and I then began to imagine a nursing pillow that would bring benefits to both mother and the baby.

After a few weeks of trials and late nights the HushCush was finally created! It was a real game changer and it helped me breastfeed my son successfully until he was 14months old!


My friends also loved using the HushCush and gave me the courage and support to take things further.


I believe that the HushCush is an essential and a must have for every new mum! I feel very passionate about breastfeeding and  hope that by offering Mum to Mum support, the HushCush will make a real difference.

Jana - HushCush Creator

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